Patriarchy is the insidious cultural force governing our world today: a hierarchal, "power-over" system of male domination and supremacy. 

The "Patriarchal Myth" teaches that MAN was fashioned in GOD'S image and WOMAN was fashioned from MAN'S rib. Therefore, MAN was made to be like GOD and WOMAN was made to serve MAN. This myth is deeply rooted in all religious, political and social systems which patronize a male god, give MAN dominion over Earth or appoint MAN "head of household."

Patriarchy is a false belief system that millions have unconsciously internalized for thousands of years creating "illusions of the mind" and a deep "soul sickness" that affects every one of us on every level of our lives,
so healing cannot occur unless we relinquish the false beliefs that we
have unconsciously inherited and internalized 
from patriarchal culture;
including patriarchal religion, political systems and social systems.

Patriarchy keeps the numerous powers of the Female under its control. Since the Goddess as Earth, Mother, Creator and Life-Giver has been deliberately suppressed and supplanted by male-dominated religions and political systems, along with HER powers of birthing and sustaining all life on earth, it has resulted in the sick, dysfunctional, war-like world of today. 

Patriarchy creates illusions of male supremacy, power and importance.
Of course, the idea of male supremacy is absurd, but when we uphold this delusion, unconsciously or otherwise, we are actually supporting and sustaining the hierarchies of domination that keep people oppressed, sick, dependent, poor and powerless all over the world. We must also realize that by relinquishing our power to Patriarchy we actually justify, condone and rationalize the condescending and abusive treatment of others: particularly females, children, animals, 
nature or any life considered less valuable. 

Patriarchy stifles our true divinity by creating a false sense of reality.
It perpetuates shame and deterioration of the soul because it goes against the natural forces of  LIFE. 
The TRUTH IS: We are all spiritual beings...
one with Nature, one in Spirit, valuable and complete in the framework of our design and we must reclaim our divine soul, unique mysteries and deep connection with the natural world in order to fully recover from all seemingly hopeless states of mind and body. The natural laws and forces that govern Life.... Yin and Yang... are balanced, flowing harmoniously and equally between polarities. If we are not aligned with the natural forces and cycles 
of Life... we stay unbalanced, therefore unhealthy.

Males as well as Females are gravely affected by Patriarchy because it defines roles for us that are impossible to emulate without creating conflict and confusion in our basic natures and in our relationships with one another. Patriarchy creates WARS within the SELF and when there's conflict and stress on the "inside"  there is always discord, disharmony,
dis-ease and dysfunction on the "outside."

In THE SACRED CIRCLE... we are reclaiming our unique mysteries and natural spiritual wisdom within to free ourselves from the mental, emotional and spiritual bondage of Patriarchy because it lies at the root of our 
Soul-Fragmentation, Codependency, Internalized Oppression, Compulsive Disorders, numerous Addictions and many other abuses we experience
in our culture today... and true recovery is not possible until we
 reclaim who we really are and embrace our oneness with
all living things in the great web of life.

~ Mama Silverwitch ~



Changing Yourself 
& Your Share of Patriarchy

If you suppress or put a lid on how you feel,
minimize or deny what you see, or don't say what you want,
and nobody in your life seems to notice, a Circle of Women
is a egalitarian learning place for you, just by being there.

A Circle that is trustworthy has a spiritual center and a respect for boundaries. It is a powerful transformer of the women in it.
Circle's also function as support groups;
if you want to change something in your life or in yourself,
it's a home-base from which to go out and try.

In a patriarchal climate, a Circle of equals can be like an island of free speech and laughter. It makes us conscious of the contrast through
which we become aware of what we do to perpetuate the status quo...
and how we might change it.

Every important relationship is a universe of two. Even though there are only two people in it, you are either in a circle or in a hierarchy. If there is an unspoken assumption that you will defer or be subordinate and accept the other's judgment or choices in place of your own,  you are living
in a patriarchy of two. It is your particular share of the
patriarchy which you can change if you so choose.

by Jean Shinoda Bolen
from The Millionth Circle



Creating Sacred Space

The unfolding of the Goddess
involves the creation of new space
in which we, as women,
are free to become who we are

Its center is on the boundary
of patriarchal institutions.
Its center contains the lives of women who begin
to liberate themselves toward wholeness.

Entry into this new space
also involves entry into new time.
The Center of new time
is on the boundary of patriarchal time,
for it is our personal lifetime
as Maiden, Mother, Queen, Crone!

It is whenever we are living out
our own sense of reality
and refusing to be possessed,
conquered or alienated
by the linear, measured-out time
of the patriarchal system!

Mary Daly