Rev. JoAnna Medina  -Founding Mother of The Sacred Circle 


.... is a self-supporting sisterhood of recovering women, dedicated     to reclaiming the Goddess & committed to the healing of our lives.
 Founded in 1985 by Rev. JoAnna C. Medina, the Circle brings
like-minded women together to Pass the Rattle; share their  experience, strength and hope; honor Women's Mysteries and Rites
of Passage, and celebrate the power 
of the feminine spirit by coming together for various Circles, Gatherings and Celebrations throughout the year. Our vision is to provide a safe sanctuary for recovering sisters who honor our oneness with Earth and Spirit and we welcome
all who wish to join us on the Recovering & Reclaiming path.

We gather together in the spirit of love and trust to share our recovery, discovery and empowerment. Our purpose is to provide unity and support to all women who are healing from the spiritual malady and soul-fragmentation caused by Patriarchy and the dysfunctional ways of the world. We share our personal stories, identify common problems and solutions; and pass on the many benefits gain by honoring a Goddess - Spirituality. We acknowledge there are many avenues of healing and many paths to self-discovery, but we choose a path that celebrates the Divine Feminine because it restores self-love and mirrors our many facets and unique mysteries as women. 

The Sacred Circle recognizes the many compulsive disorders brought about by living in a patriarchal, hierarchal, imbalanced, dysfunctional world. Our personal stories reveal: Shame, Internalized Oppression, Family Dysfunction, Codependency, Self loathing, False Beliefs, and SOUL deterioration leading to psychic numbness, obsessions of the mind, compulsions and addictions to food, sex, money, work, religious fundamentalism, alcohol, nicotine and other mind-altering substances but our common desire is to reclaim our power and sacredness as we strive to live in harmony with ourselves and others. Blessed Be.



In Carson City, Nevada

Call JoAnna - 775-882-1599 

Our 13 Traditions

1. We acknowledge we are healing from unhealthy life styles
brought about by the trauma of Patriarchy, Hierarchy,
and our estrangement from the natural world.

2. We embrace a 13-Step Path of Recovery & Reclaiming
to bring personal transformation to our lives

3.  As Visible Spirits...
our common desire is to live in harmony
with Nature, ourselves and others, 
doing as we will with harm to none. 

4. We see Spirit and Nature as one... 
and acknowledge Sun, Earth, Air and Water 
as our primal sources of life.

5. We honor the Goddess in her many guises
and embrace a spiritual path for women.

6. We honor changing phases of the moon...
and our life cycles as Maiden, Mother and Crone.

7. We celebrate Days of Power on the sacred wheel....
the Solstices, Equinoxes... and cross-quarter days in between

8. Our authority comes from Higher Powers 
& Ancient Wisdom that resides within each of us...
therefore, we rely on experience and divine wisdom
to guide our Circle. 

9. We respect diversity and individual expression...
encouraging each sister to participate 
as her bright spirit dictates.

10. We take responsibility for paying our own way...
and are self-supporting through our own contributions

11. All sisters remain clean and sober
when participating in our Circle. 

12. In essence... we rely on attraction rather than promotion

13. We value the welfare of our circle as a whole:
Love, Respect, Tolerance, Unity, Harmony, Sanctuary 
and Anonymity are keys to personal growth, healing,    
empowerment, transformation & change.

Let's remember:
When Women Heal, the Earth Heals!
 Blessings Be...

The 13-Step Path

1. We admitted we lost our power in Patriarchy;
that our lives became dysfunctional as a result...

2. Acknowledged we could be restored to wholeness
through a natural healing process.

3. Became willing to reclaim our power and authenticity
with the guidance of divine powers & like-minded sisters...

4. Took an honest inventory of our resentment, fear, shame & guilt
to uncover the root causes of our unhealthy behaviors
and to discover the truth about ourselves...

5. Revealed it all to a trusted mentor...

6. Became willing to let go of all dysfunction,
discard unhealthy behaviors,  live in the moment,
and embrace ourselves with love and acceptance...

7.  Invited the powers of change and transformation
to banish all barriers to our healing
while restoring us to wholeness, balance,
harmony and empowerment....

8. Looked at ways we had harmed ourselves and others,
 and became willing to mend our lives...

9. Made direct amends wherever and whenever possible...

10. Continued to take personal inventory; make amends;
claim our heart's desires and follow the dictates of our soul. 

11. Continued deepening our connection with divine forces
through spiritual and magical practices of our choice...
asking only for guidance, vision, wisdom and power
to carry out what's best for all...

12. Being graced with transformation and restoration...
we share our experience, strength and hope with others 
and try to be of maximum service to humanity...

13. We honor Nature & Spirit as the Immanent Life Force 
      &  our oneness with all things in the great web of life;
We claim our divinity,  follow our path of heart,
Doing as we will, with harm to none.

Blessed Be 

Creating Goddess Space

The unfolding of the Sacred Feminine 
involves the creation of new space in which we,
as women, feel safe and free enough to reveal, 
as well as to become, who we really are...

The center of this new space
must be free from patriarchal mindsets.
It must provide an atmosphere of love & trust
where women
can liberate themselves toward wholeness...

Entry into this new space involves entry into new time
while embracing the natural cycles of our lives as women... 
as Maidens, Mothers, Queens and Crones... 

Entry into new time involves flowing with cycles of Nature; 
-- with the waxing and waning cycles of sun & moon; 
to keep ourselves
 balanced and healthy...

It is learning to live out our own sense of reality and
refusing to be possessed, conquered or alienated by the
linear, measured-out time of the patriarchal system...

      It is creating safe spaces where we are free to be ourselves: free to tell our stories and share our magic; 
free to follow the wisdom of our heart and soul; 
free to honor our true mysteries & values as women.

Inspired from the work of Mary Daly 


We embrace our oneness with Nature & Spirit
to heal from the dysfunctional ways of the world…

We believe all seemingly hopeless states of mind & body
are the result of soul fragmentation resulting from our
 participation in the false belief systems of Patriarchy

We are committed to the recovery of mind,
body & soul by letting go of destructive ways of the world
& by living in harmony with the great web of life…

We view recovery as a return to the authentic self,
so we honor the wisdom of Mother Nature
and embrace all natural systems that mirror
our magic &  power as living spirits of the earth…

We believe Patriarchy only serves to divide, rule & conquer;
that it's the root cause of oppression, dysfunction & imbalance;
that power-over-politics are used to control all on Earth. 

We recognize Nature & Spirit as the Immanent Life Force

 We are committed to healing all aspects of our lives
by honoring our unique mysteries and rites of passage;
and bonding with like-minded people as often as possible.

We are committed to walking our talk and
sharing our experience, strength and hope
with others who are recovering and reclaiming

In the spirit of cooperation and evolutionary progress
we support the spiritual principles in all 12 Step Programs
&  honor all systems that support the oneness of life.

We stand in accord with the ancients:
"Do as you will, with harm to none"

We feel that life is to be enjoyed to the fullest,
that every phase and cycle of life is sacred, 
that all should live freely & equally upon the earth.

We are convinced that:
When women heal... families heal;
When families heal... communities heal;
When communities heal, nations heal;
When nations heal, the Earth heals!

Blessed Be

The Tapestry

One starry night near ocean tides
I mused on sands near cliffs of size
beneath a peaceful moonlight glow
to calming waves of ebb and flow...

When visions came mysteriously
of women merged in harmony
invoking air and fire and earth
and waters clean to bring rebirth...

They gathering round a fire bright
weaving threads of silvery light,
chanting words that spoke Her name,
raising power to touch and change...

The sisters spun a tapestry
of magic spells and blessings be,
they held it high with healing hands
then wrapped the earth to claim the land...

In the flames they banished pain
from Patriarchy's sad domain,
and as the sparks rose to the skies
they let it go with grateful sighs...

To rhythmic drums they danced in glee
with beauty, grace and dignity,
then circled 'round the tapestry
sharing dreams and feasting free...

But... rising tides and salty swells
came splashing up to break my spell,
and so I left my sacred space
but the tapestry remains in place....

~ Silverwitch ~