Recovering & Reclaiming

 JoAnna Silverwitch

 Recovering & Reclaiming 
The Divine Feminine to Heal our Lives

RECOVERY is returning to the authentic self
through a transformational process that alters our consciousness and perception of reality. It is a deep healing journey that restores us to a natural state
of health & wholeness on every level of being:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.

RECLAIMING is restoring our oneness with
Spirit & Nature while embracing a way of life that
 honors our unique mysteries & rites of passage as
women, made in the image & likeness of the Goddess.
It is a path that celebrates our power, magic, wisdom,
& oneness with all things in the great web of life!

Many diseases, whatever the symptoms, are caused by
inner and outer disharmony rooted in delusions of the mind. These mind-sets are created by our conditioning in Patriarchy and by living in dysfunctional systems that severe
our ability to flow with the natural forces of life; causing separation from our true spirits, the earth, and each other.

 To recover mind, body, heart & soul... we must go through
a process of uncovering, discovering & discarding everything
that stands in the way of being whole... for only through a process of self-examination, amendment, change, and transformation... of R
ecovering & Reclaiming...
 can we
truly be empowered enough to live authentically and harmoniously in the world.

In The Sacred Circle we combine a Program of Recovery
with Women's Spirituality to
 restore the fragmented pieces
of our soul lost to us in Patriarchy.  Many of us developed mindsets and grave emotional patterns leading to a
deterioration of the soul & dysfunctional living, but we
are clear t
hat restoration is possible when we seek a way of
living that reconnects us with Mother Nature, our divine soul within; and our unique mysteries as women.   
Blessed Be

 JoAnna Silverwitch - Founding Mother - 1985 - 2016

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Blessed Be

My Reflection 

 I heard her voice in springtime's breeze

Near quiet ponds in wooded trees

She beckoned me, "Come look to see

Reflections of my soul in thee!"

I gazed in the water and saw her daughter

A flowered Maiden of beauty rare,

And she was me, when young & free,

as sunbeams danced upon my hair...

In water's maze, I saw her change

To a Mother filled with Life & Power,

Her arms embraced a lover's face

and children born from wild desire...

Then shifting like a sunset sky

came a silver witch with laughing eyes,

a Queen of vision, Crone of wisdom,

Speaking truths of endless time...

With joy I wept as musings came

and ancient echos spoke my name,

For I was graced in sacred space

Awakening to love's embrace...

In Nature's glass 'twas plain to see,

A changing woman I would be,

That love and beauty did reside,

To weave my life of shifting tides...

At last I felt my spirit rise

To dance beneath the moon lit skies,

For as the mountain and the sea,

She is the Goddess, mirrored as me!

Silverwitch, 1986

The Healing Has Begun!

For 30 years, The Sacred Circle has welcomed hundreds of women from all walks of life because reclaiming our power, wisdom, beauty and unique mysteries as women is vital to our complete recovery, healing, joy and fulfillment.  

Every woman needs recovery from Patriarchy because we've
been subjected to the oppressive affects of a male-dominated world for centuries and must uncover and discover our true  power, importance and value in order to recover completely. This can be very hard to do in traditional recovery programs created by men for men with an emphasis on Patriarchal religion because these are the very systems we must 
from in order to be happy, joyous and free. * 
(* Men need recovery from Patriarchy too.)

In her book "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom,  Dr. Christiane Northrup confirms that:  "The Judeo-Christian cosmology that informs our western culture still unconsciously "sees" the female body and female sexuality, in the person of Eve, as evil and responsible for the downfall of man-kind.
For thousands of years, women have been beaten, abused, raped, burned at the stake and blamed harshly by the church for all manner of evil simply because of their sex.
We forget, even in this era of rapid change, that women
didn't even win the right to vote until 1920! "

"Women of today still don't have equal rights or protection under the United States Constitution! 
Think about that! "
  J Silverwitch

Women and men alike have unconsciously internalized the
false beliefs of Patriarchy and don't even realize it!  
This has created shame, separation and a deterioration of soul that
to: codependency, depression, disease, rage, violence
and many other dysfunctions that lead to various disorders
and a
ddictions, yet thousands still remain in denial and have
no idea why!
Patriarchy is a conceptual trap that keeps us believing a false reality, an illusion of the mind & product of conditioning that continues keeping us separated, sick, or at
the very least: restless, irritable, discontent and unfulfilled!

 In "Paradise Lost: the Conceptual Trap of Patriarchy" Elizabeth Dodson Gray says that "a conceptual trap" is to the "thought world of the mind" what an astronomer would call a "black hole" in the universe. Once inside a black hole, there doesn't seem to be any way of getting out or seeing out, and a "Conceptual Trap" is like being in a black hole. It's a way of "believing" that keeps us in a world we call "reality"... and
once "inside" we cannot imagine another world "outside."

We can escape from the "black hole" of Patriarchy by simply stepping into the sanctuary of a Women's Circle: one that is 
free from patriarchal religion, thinking & believing
In this way we give ourselves ample time and opportunity to share, listen, learn, compare, discern & honor our differences while gaining the support, love, inspiration and courage it
takes to liberate ourselves
from the conceptual trap of Patriarchy & what we came to believe as "normal life."

Many women come to the Circle because they have a void
inside they can't seem to fill, even if they've been in recovery
for a long time. We understand. Many issues unique to women are overlooked in 12-Step Recovery because the program was created by men for men in the 1930's, 
with a male perspective and patriarchal/religious focus. Even the language of the Twelve Steps can be challenging to those who reject the patriarchal myth. Besides, there are many people and paths in the world and rude to assume everyone follows the same one.

Since 12-Step Programs unconsciously reinforce Patriarchal religion, which is a great stumbling block to both men and women who struggle with codependency and low self-esteem because it continues reinforcing separation from the true inner guidance of our Soul.  Also, many addictive people need healing from the more serious abuses of Patriarchy, so trying to fit into another patriarchal system in recovery can be just one more
way to sabotage ourselves from the healing, happiness, 
self-love and freedom-from-bondage we are seeking.  

In The Sacred Circle, we discovered that nothing does more damage to women or men than Patriarchy and the mindsets
that go along with it. Nothing! A great many people still don't understand this because it's a normal way of life to them. They've been enmeshed in Patriarchal systems so long
that they are unable to discern the differences. This is the conceptual trap that Elizabeth Dodson Gray talks about.

 No matter what our symptoms: internalized oppression, codependency, obesity, depression, compulsions, chemical imbalances, alcoholism; obsessions with people, work, money, sex, food, fundamentalism, sugar, nicotine, alcohol or other drugs, every woman and man in recovery must address this
core issue and break away from patriarchal mindsets if they want to heal 
and live an authentic life. This means embracing
a spiritual or humanistic path that celebrates who we are
one that makes sense; one that mirrors our sacredness; one
that recognizes our 
unique values, mysteries and oneness with all things in the great web of life: and one that restores us all.

Like many women in the world, I too struggled innocently and ignorantly for years, giving my power away to people, places, things, substances and the insidious beliefs of Patriarchy. 
I was filled with shame, confusion, rage, sadness, self-loathing pain and boredom, until I discovered an authentic way of life that mirrors who I am as a woman. This created powerful changes for the better in my life and many can testify to it.

Many sisters in The Sacred Circle have been in 12-Step
Recovery Programs for years and still attend meetings
 on a 
regular basis. We also found that it was vital and necessary to come together in Circle, which is a safe environment free from patriarchal influences, so we can rediscover our unique mysteries while remembering and rejoicing in who we are. 
Since every 12-Step Group is autonomous, we encourage
women everywhere to create their own feminine-focused
12-Step meetings in their local communities. 

The  Steps of Recovery deflate the false sense of self which
leads to a re-connection with the soul and 
many of us benefit tremendously from this. We must also remember that some women have already been severely
deflated by Patriarchy
when they arrive in recovery and desperately need love and empowerment 
rather than total ego-deflation to recover from shame & internalized oppression so prevalent in those who have suffered extreme abuse, rape, depression, violence, misogyny, religious fundamentalism, or any other harsh patriarchal environments.

Recovery & Reclaiming brings the empowerment of an authentic life, a life that mirrors our true values, cycles and abilities while integrating our inner life with an outer life that reflects wholeness, harmony, balance and self-love. This is why 
we  embrace 13 Steps of recovery in Circle rather than 12. *

* 13 is a magical number and relates to the mysteries of the feminine. It corresponds to the 13 lunar cycles which regulate a woman's
fertility cycles as well as the cycles of every human being on earth. 
There are 13 weeks in every season; 13 days from the new to full moon;
13 days from the full to dark moon; 13 lunar cycles in a year.
Lunar time is the true time on our planet, therefore 
it is important to re-align ourselves with the forces of Nature to 
bring balance and health back to our lives. Since Woman-Magic is
Earth-Magic, we must reclaim ourselves as the givers of life and
flow with our natural cycles in order to live comfortably & peacefully
in our own skin.  This is what "recovery & reclaiming" in all about.

Many of us in the Circle have discovered the root cause of
our discomfort and 
dysfunction and that's a gift that frees us
in ways never dreamed possible. 
Some of us also discovered
that we haven't been seeing ourselves as we truly are, 
even in
our recovery programs, because we've been brainwashed for centuries by patriarchal
religion, patriarchal politics and  dysfunctional cultural systems that say they have our best interest at heart. We have been living a lie for centuries now
and it's time 
to break the blinding spell of sleeping humanity 
so we can truly free ourselves from the bondage of self.

   The Sacred Circle is not a recovery program nor is it a substitute for one. It's an enhancement to recovery because it shifts a woman from her patriarchal/dysfunctional world long enough to look into a different mirror, one that re-connects her with the Truth about herself.

The Circle provides Pass the Rattle Circles, Retreats,
Women's Studies,
Moon  Circles,  Seasonal Gatherings and Community Rituals to enhance our lives for the better.

So please feel free to join us as we trudge the road
of happy destiny.... one day at a time.

To Thine Own Self be True!
JoAnna Silverwitch


Oh, Say can you see
By the one light in all
Our earth to embrace
At the call of all nations...

Where our children can play,
In a world without war,
Where we stand hand and hand,
In the grace of creation....

Where our rivers run clean
Through our forests of green,
Where each city stands tall,
Under clear skies of freedom...

Oh... Say does our heart sing
For harmony & love forever,
On this planet of our birth,
Blessed with Peace of Earth!

                                    Sung to the tune of America's National Anthem