by JoAnna

NEW IN 2017!

JoAnna is now offering private  
Tarot Readings & Spiritual Counseling online.

JoAnna has been counselling , teaching and practicing
the ancient art of the Tarot for over 50 years...
and now... thanks to the marvelous gifts of technology...
she can offer you private Tarot Sessions and individual 
counselling right in the comfort of your own home!

TAROT is a language of the soul.... therefore,  it
mirrors the processes of our lives and the various states
of consciousness we all experience on our journey
of self-discovery and  life in the world.

To Book a Reading with JoAnna
email her at: silverwitch@pyramid.net and
please include your phone number so she can
book you for your reading and tell you how to pay

You may also call her at: 775-882-1599


1 hour: $100* 2 hours: $175 *

The Cost does not include the time it takes to shuffle the cards and lay them out; only interpretation time. Shuffling takes an extra 15 minutes.


Originally, the Tarot was used as a pictorial language to
assist those in ancient mystery schools, who couldn't speak 
the same language, communicate with one another,
and to preserve ancient mysteries in symbolic form.

A Tarot Reading reflects our state of consciousness. It mirrors
what's going on in our lives mentally, emotionally, physically
and spiritually and primarily focuses on the HERE & NOW.

 Tarot can provide us with a deeper understanding of ourselves
and the world around us. It can clarify or confirm what we
already know within, assist us in decision making, and give us
an overall view of what is going on in our lives right now.

Not only that.... it's fun!

Pay up front with a Check,

Pay Pal or Credit Card!

If you already have a Pay Pal Account, 
Ask JoAnna for the easiest way to pay!

Blessed Be