JoAnna with Family & Friends

in the larger Women's Community

JoAnna is Founding Mother of The Sacred Circle and  Regional Coordinator of Gather the Women  Global Matrix in Carson City.


Photo of JoAnna in her first years of recovery
with her youngest daughter Davina.

RIGHT: JoAnna with a group of recovering sisters Hutchinson Lodge in  the High Sierra's.  L to R: Mira, Janis, Julie, Melly, JoAnna, Autumn, Annie P.

BELOW: JoAnna and Z Budapest at the Goddess Festival in La Honda, 2010, after her ordination as a High Priestess in the Dianic Tradition and 25 years of continual service to women in The Sacred Circle



JoAnna with her long time friend in recovery, Diane T... 


JoAnna with one of her oldest friends, Linda Roberson, who left us in August of 2010....


Very special friend Rachel D... JoAnna... and Brooke Medicine Eagle at special gathering in The Sacred Circle in the fall of 1995, on Rachel's land in Ben Lomand...

ABOVE: JoAnna with her San Jose High Priestess, Lady Mira

BELOW: JoAnna with her sponsor... and long time friend, Katherine T.

ABOVE:  JoAnna with new initiates: Melly, Feather, Julie and Meg

ABOVE: JoAnna & her mother, Eleanor, who passed away October 5, 2010.

BELOW: JoAnna with her daughters and granddaughter, then and now...

ABOVE: JoAnna & her grandchildren... 1.  Baby Mikey  2.  Baby Chelsea -- 

 OVERHEAD: JoAnna & her special brother, Johnny... who was 61 on New Years Day!

BELOW: JoAnna and her Soul Mate Thomas. They met in 1978 and became good friends. They began their life as a couple in 1990 and spent almost 21 years together before his death on May 2, 2011.