JoAnna - Family & Friends 2


JoAnna & her Sisters in the Larger Women's Community & Ministry 

Below: Mama J. in the pines of the High Sierra

TOP:  JoAnna & Z.Budapest  ---  ABOVE: JoAnna & Ruth Barrett

BELOW : JoAnna & Selena Fox at Pantheacon


 TOP: JoAnna & Diana Paxton -- BOTTOM: JoAnna & Lady Ro

Below: JoAnna & Bobbie G. at Pantheacon, 2010

Below that: JoAnna & Susun Weed at Goddess Spirit  in Malibu, 2013 

ABOVE:  Rev. Sandy Clark and Rev JoAnna C. Medina with new Licentiate Ministers, Marilyn King and Rhonda Obrien, on Candlemas, 2011. 

BELOW: Picture of Divine Feminine & Statue of the Goddess at JoAnna's Ordination JoAnna with her teachers and sponsoring ministers:  Tom and Mary Garry in 1999

ABOVE: JoAnna's Ordination with Rev. St John, Rev Lynn Rogers, Rev. Mary Garry,  Reverend Tom Garry, Reverend Sandy Clark and others  

ABOVE:  JoAnna & UCM Ministers Including: Adele St John, Lavona Stillman, Mary Garry

BELOW: Reverend JoAnna C. Medina