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January 8, 2014

Tis the time of waxing light
Gleaming in the winter air,
Thawing snows of innocence
Nudging me in silent prayer,
Inspiration stirs within,
Quickening the magic spark,
Bringing rhymes of poetry,
Spilling over from my heart....

Rising flames of spiral heat
Pushing pods of deep desire
Channel inner promises
And sacred vows I do aspire...
To my self I shall be true
On this path I shall remain,
Taking steps with visions clear
Drawing courage as I change...

Trusting promptings of the soul,
Dancing toward my destiny,
Praising inner wisdom source
That echoes ancient mysteries...
Singing songs to Mother Earth
Respecting creatures living free
Vowing silent gratitude
While basking in prosperity...

Candles flicker in the dark
Altars drape with flowing lace,
Rolling sheets of salty rain
Glide on panes that mirror my face...
Spoken promise binds me now,
Sealing fate with blessings be...
As your daughter seeking grace,
Goddess I belong to thee...

Many blessings at Candlemas...

~ Silverwitch ~



January 8, 2014

Star Light, Star Bright,
Shortest day and longest night
Shine our visions tried and true
with prayers for a world renewed!

With open hearts we sing tonight
Wrapping Earth in rainbow light
As Air & Fire, Earth & Water
Blesses every son & daughter...

Gathering round the Yule Tree
We spin our dreams of destiny,
Invoking all humanity
To waken from insanity

We bind our spirits, hearts & hands
Declaring peace for every land,
Touching, Changing, Earth to Sky,
Healing wounds of days gone by...

Let's shine our visions out this night
Binding all with radiant light
Kindling sparks of peace this Yule
Bringing rebirth & renewal!

~ Silverwitch ~




October 18, 2013
After Autumn grains are stored
Nights grow long & dark once more
Mystic Shadows cloak the Earth
to rest in death and dream rebirth

On Halloween the veil is thin
between the worlds we're living in
so spirits from the other side
may come to be where we reside

Now, many still don't know this night
and many still in wonder gaze
as Jack-O-Lanterns line the streets
and everyone says "trick or treat"

Yet many garb in flowing sheets
and act as ghosts that greet & meet,
miming old and ancient times
forgotten in our hearts and minds

For on this night in every land
women Circle hand & hand
invoking dear departed souls
that left our lives a while ago

We gather on this sacred night
as cauldrons steep on fires bright
to reunite & reminisce
with spirits that we love & miss

When our loved ones are invoked
their magic essence fills the room
to reawaken memories spent
& times we wish we could resume

We also fill the children's sacks
with corn or candied apple snacks
for they're the souls that died before
returning to our doors once more...

So let's remember well this night
& welcome those that come in flight
for Samhain is the special day
we honor souls the sacred way

~ Granny Silverwitch ~


August 31, 2013
For many years I searched in vain
To fill a void, to ease the pain
I learned my roles, I played the game,...

But happiness was not sustained…

I struggled long with guilt & shame,
With endless fears I could not name
I did my best but nothing changed
Til only thoughts of death remained…

When all was lost I came to pray
Inviting Spirit to lead the way,
And from the world I did resign
Surrendering all for peace of mind…

Through the grace of humble pleas
I came to find recovery....
With kindred spirits I made a home
And claimed a path like none I'd known...

I took twelve Steps to set me free
uncovering and discovering,
discarding all the twisted lies
that I had come to recognize...

Then one fine day, I took a stroll
to contemplate, to fill my soul
my urge was strong to walk the Earth
in gratitude for my rebirth...

Near quiet ponds in wooded trees
I heard her voice come through the breeze
and waking from a long, deep sleep
the Goddess came alive in me...

So now I live in gratitude
and bless those years of fortitude
for if I hadn't known such pain
I could not see how much I gained…


~ Silverwitch ~



June 21, 2013

When honoring the longest day
We gather in the mountains,
to bond with cedar, pine and oak
near trickling creeks and fountains...
In solar light we claim the right
to sample garder treasures
as favorite fruits and vegetabels
add spice to feasting pleasures...

Mother Goddess opens wide
with fullness, life and power,
Great abundance showers all
from nature's grand attire...
Brimming generosity
mirrors her grandiosity,
fruition and prosperity
fulfilling deep desires...

As sunset paints the western sky
we celebrate the hour
Dancing free to trancing drums
among the trees and flowers...
Lord and Lady join the dance,
as rhyming chants inspire
then twilight brings new songs to sing
'round blazing solstice fires...

Moonlight glows in midnight skies
while campfire embers glow
lanterns sway on redwood limbs
as summer breezes blow...
Gaia's lavish Earth domain
feeds creatures all around
as we dream in peaceful bliss
on mossy sacred ground....

Many blessings on the Solstice...
May the light fill your heart,
Today and everyday.... Mama J



May 26, 2013
Some say I'm a miracle
To that I would agree
for I was born a spirit-being,
happy, joyous, free...
But sadly I was hypnotized,
shamed and blamed and criticized
'til false beliefs and twisted lies
were all I came to recognize!

I wanted truth & love's embrace
but self-destruction took its place
hence, I became my enemy
imprisoned by disharmony...
In fear and rage I sought relief
that led to heartache, loss and grief
but at the end, in deep despair,
I cried for help with pleading prayers....

Thru powers of grace I came to find
hope and trust and peace of mind,
12 Steps became my destiny
releasing my insanity...
And from the ashes I did rise
to find a Goddess in disguise,
and with the light of soul displayed
I came to honor ancient ways...

Now Nature's laws I do abide
with kindred spirits by my side
sharing rich discoveries
in service to humanity....
Yes, I'd say I'm a miracle
with many blessings be,
At last my sacred spirit-being
is happy, joyous, free!

~ Silverwitch ~



March 15, 2011

Spring mirrors the mystery of resurrection and fertility, when Mother Earth is bursting forth once again in growing splendor, when buds and blossoms are opening to the warming energy of the sun. The Vernal Equinox marks the first day of Spring, when dark and light, day and night, hang in perfect balance. Babies appear everywhere in creation and the hum of birds and bees vibrate though the budding trees with increasing sounds of waking life. The Goddess is alive and magic is afoot in the land once more. All are reborn.

The fragile light of the spirit born at the Winter Solstice and the sacred flame of divine recognition at Candlemas now pushes
 forward in full force, bringing new life. Daughters and sons of the Earth emerge playful and inquisitive, running together in fields of green as rainbows grace the skies. Sprinkles of rain and rushing streams of melting snow wash away winter's decay. Children of the Goddess are resurrected and play together now. The maiden returns to her mother. Young lads frolic in the lap of the Goddess. All rise from the tomb of the earth with new life, growth and wonder. It is a perfect time to sing, dance, feast, make merry and welcome brighter days ahead.

Many ancient traditions are celebrated at this time, like the easter bunny, a creature of fertility, and the easter egg which once symbolized the great cosmic egg of the Goddess opened by her sacred serpent. Since Spring brings resurrection, growth and sprouting, it also brings enchantment, when the world begins waking up and the power of life is evident, when her promise of return is fulfilled!

In the Circle, we honor the Earth's Holy Days and the changing seasons because when nature changes, we change. We are one with her. On the Spring Equinox, we honor ourselves as her children wild and free, for Spring invokes the child within and mirrors a time of youthful folly, innocence, playfulness and joy... when life was simple and less complicated. Spring reflects a time when our young hearts were light, when we felt our oneness with Nature in every cell,  when we became intoxicated by  her sweet fragrances. It brings back a time when we laid in soft grasses under the sun, played on the beach, waded in the creeks with the fairies and elemental beings... a time when we heard the voice of ancestral spirits in quiet groves and gardens... when life was a healthy adventure and the world seemed a friendly place... when we were enraptured by the beauty of our own flesh and befriended every living creature around us!

Yes... spring is the perfect time to connect with the child within, to evoke our magical essence once again... to unlease our powerful imagination and open the door to realms of fantasy that once held our fascination as children... to connect with our youthful spirit... to heal old wounds.. to reconnect with the spirit of the maiden, she who is whole unto herself, she who let's no one else define her... she who is wild and free... she who runs through the woods and dances under the moon and stars, without fear.... or he who finds his greatest treasures in the forest or comfort in her caves and caverns.... he who hears her voice in the winds and her laughter in a babbling brook....

Some women in recovery avoid spring rituals because they don't have pleasant memories of childhood and have fear of re-opening that door. I understand. It took me a long time to dance freely around the circle with my fairy wings and magic wand, to unleash the innocent child locked away inside of me. She was buried for years under layers of protection that I created, shields that kept everyone and everything away from this fragile soul that was fearful of being exploited or hurt, but my wild amazon finally took charge and came to her rescue. She assured her that she was safe, that she would be taken care of if she was willing to take the chance. She did, and she's never been sorry.

Yes, spring rituals and celebrations are important, not only for our young children but for ourselves, because they allow deeper healing to take place. Spring rituals replace sad memories with happy ones, drudgery with fun,  seriousness with laughter, deep sadness with the joy that many of us lost along the way. So whether we celebrate the Equinox in our circles, alone, or with family;  whether we light a prayer candle on the altar or bask in the fellowship, let the returning Spirit of the Earth Goddess wrap you in her magical essence this spring, and embrace you as her loving child once again.

Let's remember:  When the Women Heal, the Earth Heals!      Blessed Be.


Give me the freedom of a maiden's song
Running wild in a forest all day long
With flowing hair, without a care,
Blessing the Earth with beauty rare...

Give me the rapture on a maiden's face
When she offers her love in a wild embrace
As she opens her arms with no fear of harm
And fills the space with her innocent grace...

Give me the depth of a maiden's soul
Who remembers the ancient ways of old
Who sings to the tides of ebb and flow
On warming sands near a fire's glow...

Give me the trust in a maiden's eyes
When she dances under sunny skies,
Or lifts her prayers on a starry night
To a crescent moon of silver light!

Give me the magic of a maiden's song
Let it live in my heart all season long
Let it keep me safe and free and strong
Give me the magic of a maiden's song!

Many Blessings... Lady J



February 16, 2011
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