To help Victims of Domestic Violence


We recently had a tragedy in our Carson City Community.
A police officer was shot and killed by a violent husband when he answered a Domestic Violence Call in the line of duty. After the husband shot and killed the police officer... he shot and
killed himself... leaving a wife and two children, 13 and 11. 

Take a Moment in Silence....
Many of us have been in this situation before and know how important it is to have an officer of the law rescue us from disaster or death, so please take a moment to light a candle and offer prayers to the surviving family members of the Police Officer ... as well as the Abused Wife & her Children.

What Now?
The abused woman was released from the hospital on
Saturday and is now safely tucked away with her children
in a Shelter for the victims of Domestic Abuse.

Our sister, Melanie, an advocate for the Victims of 
Domestic Violence, is asking for our help. This women
will need clothing for herself & her children along with other things so please see Melanie 
for details on how you can help.

In the meantime...
The Circle has offered this donation page as a way
to collect donations for B.P. and her children
if you want to use your credit card or Pay Pal.

Just press the button below & fill in the amount you'd like
 to donate. We will then turn the funds over to Melanie.

Thank You  ----  JoAnna