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 775- 223-3433

Daria Luna - Reno Clan Mother

Donna Francesca Saathoff is a beloved Elder in The Sacred Circle.
She entered the Circle in August of 2000 and has actively participated in the Circle
 through the years by taking part in our Women's Studies, Moon Circles, Gatherings, Retreats, Pass the Rattle Circles and the rooms of recovery to continue her growth and her healing.

Donna was honored as a Wisewoman in our annual Crone's
Ceremony held at the Sacred Earth Retreat in the Fall of 2002. 
She also spoke her written vows to the Goddess in the presence
of her sisters in a special Initiation Ceremony held at our 
annual Candlemas Retreat in Boulder Creek California, 2009.

Donna is a caring mother, grandmother, sister and friend
and lives with her loving husband, Tim, in Reno Nevada.

She is also a deeply intuitive, sensitive and compassionate woman which provides a loving and caring presence in our sisterhood.

As Aroma Therapist and Herbalist, Donna offers her talents and
gifts to the Circle in the Traditions of the Wise Woman Way.  
Her organic soaps, blended oils, herbal potions, sprays, amulets, pillows and charms have always been a welcome addition in the Circle, along with Herbal Workshops she has provided 
in her local community.

Donna is now focusing on her role as Clan Mother and Priestess 
in The Sacred Circle by opening her home for Women's Circles in
the Reno Area. She also accepted the role of Regional Coordinator
 in Gather the Women Global Matrix ... a community of women
world-wide of which The Sacred Circle is a part.

JoAnna is planning to ordain Donna as a
High Priestess in the near future.

Blessed Be