Women's Studies are held every Monday night in Carson City providing various topics of interest to women who want to gain a deeper understanding of who they are as women, why we need recovery,
and why women's recovery is very different than men's recovery.

We explore the HERSTORY of Women.... our past, present and future;
our cultural and spiritual beliefs; the patriarchal world around us,
past and present... the Women's Movements and much more.
 Topics can include: Exploring and Overcoming the Patriarchal Myth that
leads to Codependency, Internalized Oppression & various addictions.

Reclaiming the Seasons and Cycles of our Lives; Returning to the wisdom 
of Mother Nature for our Health, Healing and Empowerment; What it was
like, what happened and what it's like now for women all over the world;
and much, much more.

Includes: Teachings, Films and Open Discussion

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Pass the Rattle Circles are structured in a similar way to 12-Step Recovery Meetings.  They were originally created for women who have difficulty
with the male-dominated, Judeo-Christian focus in 12-Step Recovery Programs but still have a need to come together on a regular basis
to share their experience, strength and hope with like-minded sisters
who are recovering from Patriarchy... soul-fragmentation; Codependency, Internalized Oppression, Family Dysfunction; Compulsive Overeating; Alcoholism or any other addiction relating to drugs, food, people,
money, sex, religious fundamentalism and other illusions of the mind 
that keep us separated from our oneness with the Earth and each other.

Pass the Rattle Circles are led by Clan Mothers 
in the Sacred Circle and
are usually held in homes 
or sacred spaces using the following format:

* Purifying the Circle & Invoking the Elements
* Reading information about The Sacred Circle:
* Our 13 Traditions or 13 Step Path of Recovery
* Picking a Oracle Card for added inspiration or focus
* Opening the Circle for sharing or discussion on a topic
* Reading about a Goddess of the Week with an affirmation
* Closing the Circle

Pass the Rattle Circles offer the following formats:
A women shares her own personal story of recovery & reclaiming...
what it was like, what happened, and what it's like now
that she's reclaiming Women's Spirituality in her recovery...
then opens the circle for individual sharing...

A speaker shares about a topic of interest to women's healing
then opens the Circle for discussion.

Each sister chooses an oracle card, then shares
about it's personal significance in her life

A portion from one of our books is read aloud
with a group discussion to follow.

In PASS THE RATTLE CIRCLES: women honor their process
 of recovery & reclaiming by sharing their personal experience,
strength, hope & wisdom with sisters in attendance. The rattle is
passed from one woman to another until closing time.

There is no cross-talk in Pass the Rattle Circle.
The sister who holds the rattle has the floor and speaks
freely without interruption or feedback from anyone
When time is up, the Hostess will share about the 
Goddess of the Week with an affirmation to follow.

Then, everyone stands, join hands & closes circle with the following:

Goddess.... Grant us the Serenity to
Accept the things we cannot change,
Courage to change the things we can,
& Wisdom to know the difference...

By the Air that is our breath.... Fire of our bright spirit..
Waters of our living womb &  Earth that is our body...
This Circle is now open ... but may it remain unbroken
And may the peace of the Goddess be forever in our hearts.
May we Meet, May we Part, and May We Meet Again... Blessed Be

All formats & procedures for effectively leading a Pass the Rattle Circle 
are available to Circle Members or Clan Mothers from our main office. 
To start a Pass the Rattle Circle in your local area, you must be
a seasoned member of The Sacred Circle. 


MOON CIRCLE are held for women on a
Saturday or Sunday closest to the New or Full Moon
for the purposes of socializing & celebrating.

Larger GATHERINGS can be held for women & girls
for a special event 
or a seasonal change in nature
to celebrate sisterhood and blessings in our lives!

Moon Circles & Larger Gatherings bring us together
for a festive time of goddess magic, merriment & sisterhood. 
They can include sharing, drumming, singing, sharing food, 
special rituals & ceremonies to celebrate our lives as women.

ALWAYS BRING: Your drum or rattle,

Food to Share... & ... $20 Donation

Clean & Sober Participation Only

For questions... call JoAnna at 775-882-1599





          In the Spirit of Native America

       Fire of purification, steam from sacred stones,
        Prayer ties, tobacco, meld with spirit songs...

                                                                           ~ Jamie Sans ~

    For centuries, Native American people as well as many of our
    have understood the purpose of purifying the body,
    mind and emotions 
    to heal at the deepest levels and bring us
    into balance with ourselves
    Mother Earth and Spirit of all life. 

    We continue this ancient wisdom...

    Join us in The Sacred Circle for a time of song, prayer,
    and healing in the Purification Lodge as we bind our
    hearts, share our dreams & renew our spirits....

    Lodges are announced under Carson City Circle Events

    If you'd like to be notified about our Circle Events...
    ask JoAnna to put you on her email list...

O' Mitake Oysin

Community Circles

Recovering & Reclaiming  
Ancient Ways to Heal our Lives

Join your sisters & brothers in the recovering community to deepen
your awareness of the healing journey, discuss important topics of the day,
Pass the Rattle to share your experience, strength & hope... watch
special films of interest to recovering people or to celebrate special occasions. 

May include:
Films, Singing, Drumming, Divination, Meditation, Sweat Lodge;
Community Rituals & Ceremonies, Topic Discussions and more...


Bring: Food to share & a love donation

COMMUNITY CIRCLE's are held when there is a need to
come together for a specific event or as a recovering community

Check: Upcoming Community Circles

If you don't see it, it means we don't have any community circles
planned at this time. Please Check Back Later