Recovering & Reclaiming 

Ancient Ways to Heal our Lives

The Sacred Circle of Maidens, Mothers & Crones invites recovering women everywhere to join the dance of sisterhood...  for by working together to reclaim our unique mysteries and rites of passage, we can collectively bring awareness, change, healing and empowerment to all sisters who honor their oneness with Nature & Spirit in recovery. 

Let's Remember:  

Rev. JoAnna C. Medina is the founding mother of THE SACRED CIRCLE, a self-supporting sisterhood of recovering women who are reclaiming the power of the Divine Feminine to heal from the insidious ways of Patriarchy.  THE SACRED CIRCLE provides Women's Studies; Pass the Rattle Circles, Tarot Circles, Community Rituals, Moon Circles, Workshops and Nature Retreats. 
JoAnna has been RecoveringReclaiming for over 30 years.


Healing from our Dysfunctions in the Lap of our Great Mother 

In the Spring of 1985, while on a Nature walk, I had a profound spiritual experience that reunited me with our ancient mother, the Goddess. At the time I was very active in a 12-Step program of recovery: attending lots of meetings; healing from years of dysfunctional living, cleaning up the wreckage of my past, assisting others in recovery, raising kids and working in the Chemical Dependency Field. This revelation drastically changed the course of my life. In a matter of minutes it altered my perception of reality, swept away every old idea and religious belief that once held sway in my mind, and infused me with the deep awareness that I was a living spirit, one with Mother Nature, made in her image and likeness, and sacred as a woman!

The internal shifts resulting from the revelations of that day were so powerful that I was inspired to reclaim my pagan roots and become a minister. 
Since I had a background in various religions, the scriptures, transcendental meditation, the mystical arts and other spiritual paths, I began exploring the Women's Mystery Traditions of my European ancestors. While studying, I became absorbed, amazed to find that these ancient ways mirrored every phase of my life as a woman and resonated with who I was, who I had always been!  
So, I dedicated myself to the path of the Sacred Feminine under a bright full moon one night and began weaving her ancient ways into my recovery. As a result, I began having inner feelings of self-love, joy, empowerment, wholeness and peace never before experienced and I never turned back. It was the missing link I had been searching for all my life!

After a time, the women I sponsored in recovery began noticing a change in my demeanor and approached me with curiosity and questions. This is how I learned that many ladies, like myself, had difficulty with the patriarchal god
of 12 Step programs.
 Although we were told repeatedly that we could choose
Higher Power of our own understanding, it was NOT our experience. 
as you understand HIM
was continually being crammed down our throats... 
so we decided to make a change, one that would help us recover as women.

From that time on, when a woman voiced her discomfort with the patriarchal god of the program, I would share about the Goddess, about Mother Nature, about Women's Spirituality, about our unique mysteries as women. I would also share why I needed images of the divine feminine to recover from the belief systems of Patriarchy and to heal from the pain, codependency and various additions that resulted from it... and they listened with enthusiasm! 

Before I knew it, a small group of women began coming to my house on a regular basis to talk about Women's Spirituality and Recovery. This is how   THE SACRED CIRCLE was born and grew into a collective of many powerful women... each special... each unique... each a goddess in her own right...
 and it has continued serving hundreds of women ever since.

The Circle recognizes that men as well as women need to reclaim the Goddess because she is our maternal connection to life, the living, breathing Earth Mother of which we are all a part. Not only that. Both men and women suffer from a deep spiritual malady, fragmentation of the soul caused by internalizing the insidious belief systems of Patriarchy and this alone causes separation, dysfunction, codependency and the numerous addictions that keep people sick and dysfunctional all over the world.

Reclaiming our oneness with Spirit and Nature is a vital key to complete
recovery and restoration of wholeness. This awareness is being shared by thousands in the world today but is still a vital element missing in our recovery programs. If we desire freedom from bondage and long term recovery, it is essential that we break through our insidious denial, relinquish old ideas and belief systems that separate us; act our way into right thinking and reclaim ourselves on a deeper level of consciousness, one rooted in ancient truth: that we are living Spirits, one with ALL things in the great web of life; and that WE ARE the "SAVIORS" we've been waiting for!

For almost 33 years I have shared my experience, strength and hope in Rooms of Recovery and The Sacred Circle. Now, after many requests, our circle journals along with my experiences on the Recovering & Reclaiming Path will soon be published and available to the public.

I offer the wisdom of these experiences to you, not as the only way, but as one that may create a deeper awareness of our recovery from Patriarchy, Codependency, and the numerous addictions we develop while tolerating or coping with the pain of our existence in the dysfunctional world around us.

My prayer is that we will all awaken as children of the Earth, One with
Nature, One with Spirit, so balance can 
be restored to our lives here & now. 
Maybe then, and only then, will our own inner light
 shine brightly enough 
on the Earth to unite all living creatures who depend on her sustenance!

 Let's remember... 
When We Heal, the World Heals!

      ~ Mama Silverwitch ~




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Dear Friends... I had to take some needed time away from my writings after the death of my beloved spouse, Thomas. I have now resumed my work on the book and hope to have it published and ready for purchase sometime this year. I apologize for the delay.

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